Clip in Hair Extensions

Unlike the old days, today’s modern hair extensions are available in many different styles and can be attached using several methods not previously available. One of the more popular styles today is the clip in extension, which basically allows you to leave your normal hair in tact without the use of any harsh chemicals or glues being used as a bonding agent. Using clip in extensions allows the individual to have the same wide selection of styles and colours available in the fused method, but give them the ability to remove the extensions easily and still have the great looks of an extension that is natural and realistic looking.

When using extensions that clip in, the process is quite easy. All you have to do is section the hair into small groups and snap the clips into place where the desired location has been chosen. Once you have one in place, you simply continue to repeat the same process until all the extensions are securely in place. Because using this type of extension provides instant results, they can even be worked in at home without any hassles and in a matter of minutes you have long flowing hair and new hair styles to support your desired style.

Clip in hair extensions come in straight, waved, curled, and are simply just attached as they are to form any pattern the user desires. Although you do not require a hair stylist to place these clip style extensions in place, those doing a full head of extensions to change their hair from a shorter style to a longer style may find it useful to have a little guidance or assistance from a professional the first time or two.

Like all extensions for the clip in versions are no different when it comes to looking realistic. They also depend on the quality of the hair extension chosen and for the most part although synthetic hair does work, it doesn’t always give the appearance of real hair, where 100% natural extensions or versions made with animal hair generally appear to represent a more natural and realistic look to the overall appearance of the hairstyle.

The one nice thing about the clip in version is that if you have hair that is just a shade different than a “standard” color, you can easily use a multi-tone shade in place of a solid tone extension to quickly alter the look and match your natural hair effortlessly. All you need to do is clip it in and shake your head and the strands will fall naturally against your own shade blending seamlessly. All you have to do is chose a close match at the beginning and you are all set to add it to your natural or colored hair.

Another nice thing about this type of extension is that for the most part the clips are invisible to the naked eye when people look at you. Because they mount under your natural hair and are generally clear all you see is hair, hair, and more hair. The clips used in today’s clip in hair extensions are very sturdy and strong, therefore these extensions will last you for a very long time.

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