Leather Laptop Bag

A leather laptop bag is fashionable and exudes style and quality over most other materials used in laptop bag design. Turning up at the next business meeting will look a lot more professional when carrying a quality leather bag over a nylon equivalent, who knows it could even make that deal!

Why Leather?

Apart from looks, quality and eminence of worth above all leather is durable and flexible, for a laptop case this means that it is perfect for moving parts such as a briefcase lid to a flexible messenger bag. The durability of leather means it can withstand everyday use, being carried to and from your workplace, enduring storage in cars, houses on transport and taking the odd knock. Care of your Laptop Bag Although leather is durable and tough wearing it is also like anything and will need looking after. Often a leather laptop case will be an expensive purchase so you will want to do everything you can to prolong its lifespan. – Is important not to use the bag or case as a desk! Using the bag to rest paper on whilst you write will case pens and pencils to mark or puncture the leather if you are not careful – you have been warned! – Try not to let the leather become exposed to sunlight for to long, this can dry out the leather making it more susceptible to cracking and will also fade its current colour. – Conditioner – About once a quarter it’s recommended to condition any leather using a leather conditioner. Do this regularly throughout the year and you can expect long life from your laptop case.


If storing your leather case or bag be careful. Leather still needs to breathe, so wherever you keep it be sure the area is well ventilated. For example one of the worst places you can store a leather bag is in a plastic bag or container, the air is shut off and the leather will deteriorate.


Leather notebook bags are designed by nature to be water resistant, the shutters and seams should all be a tight fit to not allow water in or out to protect the laptop. However perhaps the best protection you have is the leather itself, leather is naturally water resistant, it achieves this through its own natural oils within the leather. Be careful though, after prolonged exposure to rain or moisture these natural oils can wash out. If your leather bag is receiving heavy prolonged use it is a good idea to buy some leather water resistant spray and give the bag a coating to give it further protection on top of the natural oils.

For Women

This may seem trivial but for ladies bags avoid handling the bags immediately after applying make up or creams, if you need to utilise the bag the a good hand wash is essential as a lot of today’s face creams and make up contain chemicals that can stain leather or corrode it over time.

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